pgp suffix finder

brute force pgp key id suffixes of arbitrary length

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Brute force PGP key ID suffixes of arbitrary length.

this project started on the irc when someone said we all needed k-rad hexspeak gpg keys. before we were done discussing it maze had already coded a tool in go for us. he's recently been mia and i wanted to mirror this cool tool in case he ghosts.

:rotating_light: Warning! :rotating_light:

This tool can brute force any (short) PGP key suffix, use it for good; e.g. creating vanity key IDs. Don't use it to generate collisions and annoy other PGP users. Thanks


A recent Go version will give you the SIMD variant of the SHA1 algorithm. ~~You need GnuPG available as gpg.~~ Versions 1.4.20 & 2.0.30 are tested and work properly, 2.1.x and above do not work!

the code has been updated to use a binary called gpg1 (use this aur package {,as your guide}) to allow version 1.4.x and the newest to co-exist on your system.

if you do install an appropriate binary named gpg update lines 267 and 299 in main.go as necessary.


Prepare a Go environment if you haven't done so already, for more information refer to

Install using go get:

$ go get
$ go build

Otherwise, clone into $GOPATH:

$ mkdir -p $GOPATH/
$ git clone \
$ go build


OpenPGP specification

Short key IDs are bad news

Stop it with those short PGP key IDs!