a pastel colorscheme inspired by the woods


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miasma.nvim ☁️

a color scheme for {neo,}vim inspired by the woods, built using lush 👄

supports treesitter, gitsigns, lazy, which-key, telescope, lsp diagnostics, and more.

theme preview

┛ ┇┇┛ ┇━━┛┛ ┇┛ ┇

a fog descends upon your editor https://github.com/xero/miasma.nvim


this theme is available in a classic vim compatible format, optimized lua, and a development lua version. you can install different flavors by using the corresponding branches:

  • main - classic vim version
  • lua - optimized lua version (coming soon)
  • dev - development lua version

for speed and greatest compatibility, use the main branch.


using lazy

  lazy = false,
  priority = 1000,
  config = function()
    vim.cmd("colorscheme miasma")

using plug

Plug 'xero/miasma.nvim'
colorscheme miasma

using packer

use {"xero/miasma.nvim"}
vim.cmd("colorscheme miasma")


set the color scheme with the builtin command :colorscheme


this theme is built with lush.nvim, so customizations are quite easy.

first, checkout the dev branch git fetch origin dev && git checkout dev, open the lua theme nvim lua/lush_theme/miasma.lua and execute :Lushify. then adjust colors to suit your taste with real-time feedback. checkout the dev branch readme for details on building the optimized colorscheme. lots more details on using lush in their repo.


this theme has been ported to a few different apps, and are included in the extras directory:

  • miasma.Xresources - colors for xclients (e.g. unix terminal emulators)
  • miasma.itermcolors - colors for iterm2
  • miasma.zsh - colors for zsh
  • miasma.yml - colors for alacritty
  • miasma.colorscheme - colors for qterminal

more on the way, and pr's for others are welcomed!


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all files and scripts in this repo are released CC0 / kopimi! in the spirit of freedom of information, i encourage you to fork, modify, change, share, or do whatever you like with this project! ^c^v